Why bother to ask for feedback? Asking for customer feedback improves customer retention. Existing customers are the best source of information for any company. This wealth of information is crucial not only in solving customer problems but also give ideas about how else to attract new customers.

However, it might be difficult to get something as precious as unbiased customer feedback, you must be proper and deliberate, avoid asking lame and generic questions, and be prepared to swallow some solid rock bitter truths about your organization.

Asking the right questions is key when asking for feedback. If you ask the right questions, you can receive tons of feedback that can be vital to your business. Here are examples of some simple but logical questions you may ask.

  • How easy was it to buy from us? This is especially important for online retailers. It will give an insight to how customer friendly and flexible your portal is.
  • How happy are you with the product you bought from us? This is a simple question but one the customer will have a strong opinion about.
  • How likely is it that you will recommend us to a friend?
  • Finally, always ask this question – Hope we are able to provide you with everything you need from us?

What does bad feedback question look like? Any question that causes customer to think too hard or feel they are wasting their time is a bad question. Here are some examples of bad questions:

  • Which of the following brand products are you likely to purchase again in the next 12 months. This type of question will cause respondents to pause and consider before answering.
  • Pick your top four from these six options or rank these ten things in order of priority. These questions will cause your consumers to think and as such will cause response rate to nosedive, which will produce a skewed result.


Here are two tips to asking cogent questions:

  • Be clear. Say you are surveying on customer satisfaction for newly produced sausages. Do not make your respondents guess what you mean by asking general questions. Tell them what the standard should be. Ask if the packaging was good, if the texture was right, if the salting was appropriate and so on.
  • Be specific. Don’t ask questions about broad questions or ideas. Specific questions will make it easier to identify what to improve.

There are several survey platforms online where feedback can be generated such as surveymonkey.com. An organization can as well register as a Responsive Company on reportam.com.ng for an opportunity to assess and respond swiftly to customer feedback dropped on the site.

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