Heritage Bank


Reportam.com.ng has given the people morale and confidence when approaching service providers. Consumers now know about a popular online portal where bad and good customer services can be reported while the erring organization is given an opportunity to redress or otherwise face bad publicity.

Armed with this information, I headed to Heritage Bank, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, branch opposite Eko Hotel. I felt powerful, as though I had an actual weapon in my hand. Call it witch hunting, I was watching out for the very least bad customer service, with my keyboard as the ‘fully loaded gun’, the plan was to reportam straight. Stealthily, like a ‘hired killer’ on a mission, as I scrutinized every transaction stage. Mixed feelings developed when there were no targets for my readied ‘missiles’. Heritage bank’s staff were super nice, infact they greeted me too many times, “good afternoon ma” “good afternoon ma” “good afternoon ma,” I almost said “shut up, enough of greeting me”.

There were no queue, everyone was attended to timely and orderly. Smiling, courteous, helpful and approachable staff attended to clients. I felt bad because I went with a “gun” but had nobody to “shoot” using reportam.com.ng.

Leaving the bank, I had a good feeling, not that acrid taste on the tongue after experiencing a bad service. This is a perfect example of good customer service. This is what we deserve. Keep it up heritage bank.

However, on a final note, your transfer form looked too complex, more like filling a JAMB form. Overall I am very satisfied and I experienced good service.

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