In order to protect the client, you would put their interest first. Your service is being evaluated every time a customer or potential customer have contact with your business. This turns around to preserve your own business. Happy customer translates to a rich bank account. If you want your customer to love you, you have to honour them and the things that matter to them. Now we’ll talk about steps to having happy customers.

  1. Find ways to meet your customers need promptly. When you cannot give them what they want, suggest options, alternatives and choices so they can see you sincerely are interested in helping them.
  2. Exude excellent charisma. A great experience with talking and convincing will come to play in making your customers happy. Alongside personal development, there are paid for courses and free online courses that can be embarked on to hone this skill.
  3. Sell online. Owning an online shop or even an account on a site such as Jumia or OLX, you can ensure your customers have direct to your products which will make them happy.
  4. Treat unsatisfied customers with careful consideration. Keep in mind it is impossible not to have a certain amount of unsatisfied customers. There are some people you just cannot please no matter how much you try. Just rid those type of clients the best as you can and move on with business as oppose to sitting, arguing and proving.
  5. Give discounts, free shipping, and other incentives. Just last week, I ordered a 12” cake I was not planning to order only because of a ‘free shipping’ clause that came with it.
  6. Make Customers A Priority. Whatever avenue you are willing to tread, just remember, you must always make the customer your priority.

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