Miss Ajoke visits an e-commerce website to order for the multi-purpose microwave oven, she had dreamt about an innovative product that can cook and bake at the same level of heat without stress. She clicks on this product and made necessary payments. A mail rolled in reading “Thanks for your order; you will receive your item in Twenty-four hours”. Her door bell rings the following day and with so much excitement and glee on her face, she hurries to the door to receive her parcel, signs an acknowledgement receipt and thanked the delivery man. Her beautiful smile soon faded into a frown on opening the parcel only to find a mini oven toaster. She dials the customer service line to express her disappointment at the service she received. Here goes the conversation:

Miss Ajoke: Hello! My name is Miss Ajoke, I purchased a multi-purpose oven on your website last night and received a mini oven toaster on delivery. I didn’t open the parcel immediately because I never thought I would get something different from what I ordered for.

Customer service Rep: Oh! I am so sorry about that Miss A, but unfortunately, that is what we have in stock here.

Miss Ajoke: So how do I get a replacement or at least compensation? I never ordered for this.

(The line goes off abruptly)

Business is about exchange. Everyone is the business of “transacting” business either as a customer or business owner. The business only exists because of the customer and when it lacks patronage, the business hits rock bottom. Customers saw your advert and all the marketing stunts from your products/company via radio, T.V commercials, fliers, experiential marketing, billboard adverts and all other forms of magnetic “Buy me” pull.   A prospect got quite fascinated about these marketing stunts, makes a purchase online but gets crappy service in return.

Customer service is what your customers perceive it to be or call it. They have the right to rate in terms of bad service, good service or exceptional service. Every customer judges the service received by their buying experience. Are customers making a fuss about getting quality service? Do you think customer service is overrated?


Mojisola Adebanjo