So we are excited about starting the Reportam-blog yaay!

Can We Journey Together?

So we are excited about starting the Reportam-blog yaay! It is about time we begin to enjoy fair benefit of goods and services paid for, and that time is now. At, we hope to help change and improve customer service delivery in Nigeria. Using the powerful and vast resources afforded by the new media, we will make a demand for better services from nonchalant organizations and accord stars to other organizations, which despite the norm, create a fantastic customer service benchmark.

The Reportam Blog will be a firm voice for consumers – from a whisper, a line, to a stream of critical or encouraging words – we will be very real, practicable, fair and polite.

We are excited to share in your experiences and perspectives and open to read about and publish sincere compliments or genuine complaints on goods bought, services enjoyed and places visited. See submit article.

Remember, the time to enjoy quality customer services is now! Vacate your comfort zone. Come along this interesting journey, the revolution starts with us.